Ellen Sasson

Ellen Sasson

About Ellen Sasson

Ellen Sasson is an experienced automotive industry leader and thinker. She’s spent more than 20 years working with automotive suppliers, dealer groups, and automakers as they continue to refine their business models. Mobility and Cities is the new frontier and Ellen is on the front lines working with both startups and traditional businesses on behalf of SAP and SAP.IO. Her background is software and services – from Accenture to IBM to SAP to Microsoft and Salesforce and back to SAP – Ellen grew up in software and auto.

Autonomous And Human: HR Is The Killer App

30-Apr-2019 | Ellen Sasson

The automotive industry is like every other industry, with the Internet running through it and rewriting the rules for how business gets done. One of the most exciting changes is that the industry no

Better, Safer, Cleaner: Mobility And Detroit

25-Apr-2019 | Ellen Sasson

The industry that is often synonymous with smoking tailpipes and rusting factories is undergoing some radical changes. The automotive industry is experiencing the pace of innovation that we’ve come