Ella Brand

Ella Brand

About Ella Brand

Ella Brand is the product marketing lead for SAP Data Hub with expertise and a general focus on analytics and Big Data solutions.

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Top Reasons For Agile Data Operations Management

7-May-2018 | Ella Brand

Thought leaders of digital transformation and disruption already understand the value of proper business-process modeling. Accepting that every organization wants to be data-driven, we should recogniz

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DataOps Is The Next Big Thing

13-Dec-2017 | Ella Brand

Data is mainstream. In today’s world, there is an explosion of data sources because of all the advancements in collection: sensors on the Internet of Things (IoT), new apps, and social media. There

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The Marriage Of Big Data And Enterprise Data

15-Nov-2017 | Ella Brand

Data is flowing and the volume is growing. With the massive generation of information from the advent of the Internet and the increasing digitalization of business, there is tremendous opportunity in