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Elizabeth Milne has over 20 years of experience improving the software solutions for multi-national, multi-billion dollar organizations. Her finance career began working at Walt Disney, then Warner Bros. in the areas of financial consolidation, budgeting, and financial reporting. She subsequently moved to the software industry and has held positions including implementation consultant and manager, account executive, pre-sales consultant, solution management team at SAP, Business Objects and Cartesis. She graduated with an Executive MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. In 2014 she published her first book “Accelerated Financial Closing with SAP.” She currently manages the accounting and financial close portfolio for SAP Product Marketing. You can follow her on twitter @ElizabethEMilne

Innovations In FP&A: How To Adopt Continuous Planning For Better Agility

2-May-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 10 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series If you’re in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), then you’ve likely been on the continuous finance and accounting journey

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Three Technology Areas to Consider For Continuous Accounting: Automation, Scheduling, And Monitoring

18-Apr-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 9 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series So far in our series, we’ve discussed various steps to execute a continuous accounting action plan, from quick wins to big wins, con

Break Down Financial Consolidation Roadblocks With Continuous Accounting

4-Apr-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 8 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series Our blog series has been addressing multiple ways of applying a continuous accounting methodology to help with common finance and accou

Strengthening Controls: How Continuous Accounting Can Reduce Exposure

21-Mar-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 7 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series The concept of continuous accounting is all about getting access to financial data faster. One key concern with speeding up the financia

Thinking In Real Time: Operational Reporting

14-Mar-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 6 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series In last week’s blog, we explored the concept of “real-time” and the whole idea of speeding up financial reporting and analysis pr

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Thinking In Real Time: Pairing Continuous Accounting And Analytics

7-Mar-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 5 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series We’ll get straight to the point: “Real-time” is a very popular term in the world of reporting and analytics. Timeliness of report

Think Bigger: Two Strategic Wins For Implementing Continuous Accounting

21-Feb-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 4 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series Welcome to the fourth post in our series on how to reinvigorate your finance and accounting processes to make them more responsive, agil

The Power Of Three: Quick Wins To Move To Continuous Accounting

7-Feb-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 3 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series Thanks for joining us for the next blog in the continuous accounting action plan series. In the last blog, “Moving to Continuous Fina

Moving To Continuous Finance: Strategy And Buy-In

24-Jan-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 2 in the “Continuous Accounting Action Plan” series Globalization, the acceleration of the business cycle, and rapidly evolving technology that improves collaboration, automation, and ins

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Continuous Finance: Planning Your Journey To Better Accounting, Planning, And Performance

10-Jan-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Part 1 in the "Continuous Accounting Action Plan" series You’re not imagining things. The pace of change is accelerating, and there are no brakes. The business cycle is now continuous with a spee