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Elizabeth Maffei

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Elizabeth Maffei is the Spend Value Advisory Director, for the Nordics, United Kingdom, and Ireland regions, at SAP. Often analytical and creative, she is curious about tech, procurement and supply chain operations, and the world around them. Prior to SAP, Elizabeth earned a master of science degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Cranfield School of Management and spent 10 years as a procurement practitioner and best practice researcher at organizations such as Procurement Leaders and the London Olympics.

Managing Experience And Costs On Retail’s 2020 To-Do List

15-Jan-2020 | Elizabeth Maffei

Apparently, in the early 1900s, the various products of the earth could be ordered quite easily, if one were “of above-average capacity or character,” middle class, and happened to live in London.

Clothing Retailers Top The List Of Britain’s Most Brexit-Affected Industries

15-Oct-2019 | Elizabeth Maffei

Part of a series of blogs about trends in retail and the effects of Brexit and other current economic conditions Given that even the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer only “thinks he knows” th

Retail Pressure As Post-Brexit Trade Meets Depression-Era Policies

26-Sep-2019 | Elizabeth Maffei

First in a series of blogs about the trends in retail and the effects of Brexit and other current economic conditions As Britain’s ability to manage post-Brexit trade goes under the microscope, s

The Brexit Effect

5-Sep-2019 | Elizabeth Maffei

Doing nothing can be a remarkably rewarding thing. For example, when I did a click-n-collect no-show at John Lewis for something I realized I don’t need, JL auto-refunded me the product cost. Howeve