Edyta Malesza-Malatrat

Edyta Malesza-Malatrat

About Edyta Malesza-Malatrat

Edyta Malesza-Malatrat heads up the Industry Marketing team in UKI for SAP. She’s previously worked for the Consumer Product Goods industry for organisations such like Guerlain (LVMH) and Procter & Gamble before joining the Tech industry. She is fascinated by trilingual education and loves running.

digital transformation, supply chain

Looking For The Engine To Innovate, Transform, And Drive Growth?

10-Apr-2018 | Edyta Malesza-Malatrat

Although media and analysts report that economic growth in the UK (despite Brexit) is to bounce back, businesses remain under constant pressure. According to S&P 500 data, the average lifespan o