Edward Cone

The Technology Agenda: Procurement’s Future In 4 Charts

22-Apr-2016 | Edward Cone

Oxford Economics asked more than 1,000 people in procurement jobs—executives and worker bees alike—how digital tools are remaking the function. The response was emphatic: Technology is changing t

What A Finance Executive Can Teach You About The Future Of Procurement

3-Sep-2015 | Edward Cone

We were at the Venetian conference center in Las Vegas, finishing up the debut presentation of our big research program on the future of procurement, when a guy handed me his card:  Dominique Gaillar

The Future Of Procurement: Why It Took Two Surveys To Get The Whole Story

5-Aug-2015 | Edward Cone

When Oxford Economics partnered with SAP on a global research program about the future of procurement, we faced the challenge of saying something really fresh. People have been talking about the ways

A Cyberpunk Novelist, An Editor, And A Chief Procurement Officer Walk Into A Bar…

28-Jul-2015 | Edward Cone

“The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson, cyberpunk author Recently, I had a great conversation about the state and direction of the procurement functi