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Drew Hofler

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Drew Hofler is Vice President for Portfolio Marketing for SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass. In this role, he is responsible for developing messaging, creating content and executing global programs to drive awareness and adoption of the company’s cloud-based applications and business network. Mr. Hofler brings over 20 years of technology, operations, and software industry experience to SAP Ariba. Prior to joining the Ariba in 2006, he served as Vice President of Treasury Product Management for PNC Bank and Director of Payment Systems at Tier Technologies. Mr. Hofler began his career at Thrivent Financial. Mr. Hofler has written a number of articles in industry publications – as well as has been interviewed, quoted widely, and speaking extensively – on topics including intelligent spend management, emerging technologies, procure to pay, supply chain finance, and dynamic discounting and payment.

An employees uses intelligent spend management solution on her mobile device to create a common set of spend data

Smart Move: Bring Intelligent Spend Management To The Business

15-Aug-2019 | Drew Hofler

Part of the "Intelligent Spend Management" series about how to manage more spend, more intelligently If you’re only buying office supplies, you’ve probably got a good idea what you’re spendin

procurement, supply, finance

It’s Time For Intelligent Spend Management. Here’s Why.

7-Nov-2018 | Drew Hofler

For those charged with managing spend, there's a big transition underway. Businesses across all industries face intensifying pressure to be more flexible, disruptive, and nimble. The leaders of procur

How Lean Is Your (Financial) Supply Chain?

19-Oct-2017 | Drew Hofler

Billions of dollars and millions of people-hours are dedicated each year to improving supply chains. From process improvements in manufacturing and just-in-time supply, to technology infrastructure fo

Rethinking Working Capital Management As Interest Rates Rise

10-Aug-2017 | Drew Hofler

Ouch. I recently started working out again, and my neglected muscles are letting me know it! Almost 10 years ago, as I was approaching a milestone birthday (never mind which one!), I realized I wa

Managing Risk In The Digital Era With Payment Networks

6-Jan-2016 | Drew Hofler

New technologies have made it easier than ever for consumers to securely make purchases. Now companies focused on business-to-business (B2B) commerce are beginning to follow suit. Managing payments

Getting Your Payables House In Order: The Remodel – Part 4

7-Dec-2015 | Drew Hofler

Seventh of 8 blogs in the series. Read previous blog. Has your home recovered from the 1970s? One of the most pernicious scourges to hit homeowners in the past 100 years was the paneling plague

Renovate Or Raze? How Best To Modernize Your Payables House

20-Oct-2015 | Drew Hofler

Second of 8 blogs in the series. Read previous blog. Is your payables process built on a solid foundation, or is it a candidate for tear down and rebuild? Your approach can determine whether your p

Transforming Finance Operations: The Next Step

11-Jun-2015 | Drew Hofler

An effective and efficient finance operations function is central to the smooth functioning of a company. Accounts payable and receivable, working capital, supplier management, expense management, and

Support Finance Operations: Reinvest In Business

4-Jun-2015 | Drew Hofler

For quite some time, CFO Publishing has been documenting an expanding role for finance at companies around the world. Finance functions have been building a reputation as full business and strategic p

Unleashing The Potential Of Finance Operations

3-Jun-2015 | Drew Hofler

Improvement for improvement’s sake may be a noble ideal, but that’s not what’s driving the desire to make the most out of finance operations—the slew of activities coming under finance’s umb