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Don Gordon leads global Consumer Products industry marketing for SAP. Previously he led global Retail industry marketing for IBM. He lives in Philadelphia, considered by many to be the finest city on earth.

Fear Of Shopping: One Man’s Journey

3-Oct-2016 | Don Gordon

One great advantage of working at home—which I did for several years—is that you don’t need to think much about your appearance. Of course, you may suffer minor embarrassments like realizing, w

The Brewmaster’s Dilemma

28-Sep-2016 | Don Gordon

The 1970s – where I resided for the bulk of my childhood – remains for me a touchstone of sorts. From music to clothing to facial hair, my consciousness was shaped by those clog-shod years. Lookin

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The Diaper Epiphany

20-Sep-2016 | Don Gordon

When I read the other day that the Honest Company, founded in 2011, was likely to be acquired by a large, established consumer packaged goods (CPG) company for nearly $2 billion, I initially was surpr