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Don Gordon leads global Consumer Products industry marketing for SAP. Previously he led global Retail industry marketing for IBM. He lives in Philadelphia, considered by many to be the finest city on earth.

How Interactive Pantries Offer Smart Kitchen Solutions

28-Feb-2018 | Don Gordon

The Internet of Things (IoT) is showing up in our homes in new and inventive ways. Many innovations focus on security and comfort: Smart home security systems can automatically turn on lights and unlo

For IoT Success, People Are Just As Important As Technology

21-Nov-2017 | Don Gordon

The Internet of Things (IoT) has spurred the attention of many industries, not least consumer products (CP). And with good reason. McKinsey anticipates an uptick of about three billion new consumer de

Differentiating Products With Data-Based Services

21-Jun-2017 | Don Gordon

Ever since Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone, people have come to associate big tech launches with physical products. So when SAP chairman Hasso Plattner, Prof. Dr. h.c. mult., unveiled the new SAP

How To Boost Consumer Engagement For The Digital Economy

27-Apr-2017 | Don Gordon

In a new video, IDC analyst Simon Ellis predicts that 90% of growth in the consumer products industry over the next decade will go to companies that engage more deeply with consumers. How do you engag

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Personalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), And The New Consumer Products Industry

26-Apr-2017 | Don Gordon

The most disruptive force in the consumer products (CP) industry today is the consumer. Always on, socially networked, and hyper-informed, they’re in a position of power like never before. How th

How CIOs Can Lead Digitalization Of Consumer Products Industry

13-Feb-2017 | Don Gordon

If you attended CES 2017 last month or, like me, just watched the highlights, you were doubtless astounded by all the new consumer gadgets and products. There was a countertop machine that brews 5 lit

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The Small And Midsize Business Secret To Competing With Consumer Products Industry Giants

3-Jan-2017 | Don Gordon

Part 6 of the “Digitally Transforming Industries” series. Small and midsize companies in the consumer products space sometimes emerge in the most unexpected ways. Some get their start as a pers

What Do Shoppers Want? How Retailers Sometimes Get It Wrong

17-Nov-2016 | Don Gordon

I moved to a college town in the early 1970s. Academic types of that era, having hounded Nixon from office, filled the void with household campaigns like backyard composting and forcing their kids to

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Can Consumer Products Companies Pivot From Product To Content?

1-Nov-2016 | Don Gordon

Full disclosure: I watched season one of “The Apprentice” and enjoyed it thoroughly. I gaped with eager horror as he berated, humiliated, and discarded contestants who seemed deserving of the trea

Pop! Goes The Bubble: Into The Stratosphere Of $5,000 Toys

20-Oct-2016 | Don Gordon

If you had found yourself out behind the Javits Center, at the western edge of Manhattan, along the forlorn banks of the Hudson River—as I did on a recent Thursday morning—you might have found you