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Don Gordon leads global Consumer Products industry marketing for SAP. Previously he led global Retail industry marketing for IBM. He lives in Philadelphia, considered by many to be the finest city on earth.

Data Is At The Heart Of The Intelligent Enterprise For Consumer Products Companies

26-Jun-2019 | Don Gordon

Until quite recently, consumer products (CP) companies were relatively passive about the use of consumer and other data to inform decisions. On one hand, the large CP companies were growing so steadil

Investing In The Future Pays Off For Midsize Companies In 2019

8-Jan-2019 | Don Gordon

It’s stunning how much can change in just one year. From the rise of voice-activated digital assistants, to the advent of online data privacy legislation, to the well-documented struggles of retail,

The Power Of Coordinated Teamwork Across The Consumer Products Ecosystem

24-Dec-2018 | Don Gordon

Part 4 of the “Consumer Products and the Crossover Effect” series Consumers are more curious, demanding, and impatient than ever before. Empowered by mobile devices, consumers are navigating th

Focus, Accelerate, And Invest: The Three-Step Move To Consumer Products Dominance

10-Dec-2018 | Don Gordon

Part 2 of the “Consumer Products and the Crossover Effect” series The consumer products industry has enjoyed its share of change in recent years. The competitive landscape is becoming more crow

How Midsize Consumer Goods Companies Can Turn Holiday Cheer Into Sustainable Growth

26-Nov-2018 | Don Gordon

As the 2018 holiday season officially kicks off, shoppers are beginning to see visions of sugarplums and gingerbread houses. But they want them to be high-quality products that come at a reasonable pr

Chasing The Sun: Innovation And Convenience In Consumer Products

29-Oct-2018 | Don Gordon

“My geranium is dying, for all I can do, Still leaning toward the last place the sun was.” - Theodore Roethke, “I’m Here,” The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke, Anchor Books, 1975. I

Will IoT Shatter Ideas Of Supply And Demand?

5-Apr-2018 | Don Gordon

Digitization, social media marketing, and other influences are driving major changes in how consumer products (CP) companies connect with their customers and end consumers. Both groups have increasi

Global Findings On IoT For Consumer Products

22-Mar-2018 | Don Gordon

The massive impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on consumer products is now beyond question, with more than 75 billion connected devices expected by 2025. That's a significant change from 2017's 8.4 b

IoT Adoption In The Consumer Products Industry: Regional Differences

14-Mar-2018 | Don Gordon

A recent IDC white paper asserts that the Internet of Things (IoT) is instrumental to many of the challenges facing the consumer products industry – in particular, the need to improve consumer e

How Skill Gaps Limit IoT Implementation Success

7-Mar-2018 | Don Gordon

The Internet of Things (IoT) has spurred the attention of many within the consumer products (CP) industry. And with good reason – McKinsey anticipates an increase of about three billion new consum