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Dinesh Sharma is the Vice President of Digital Economy at SAP. He is a GM-level technology executive with leadership, technical innovation, effective strategic planning, customer and partner engagement, turnaround management and focused operational execution experience at both large enterprise and startup companies. Share your thoughts with Dinesh on Twitter @sharmad

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Stop Guessing, Start Knowing [VIDEO]

22-Aug-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

In one of my earlier blogs, I compared a Live Business to a distributed organism with brains, eyes, and ears everywhere. In the modern enterprise, these “senses” take the form of your employees, s

The Battle Between Dynamic Pricing And The Bots That Will Defeat Them

15-Aug-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

As enterprises connect the dots between enormous amounts of data, all of us are characterized on an individual basis, paving the way for dynamic pricing. This practice harkens back to yesteryear when

It’s 2016! What Do Sales Associates Really Do?

8-Aug-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

For hundreds of years, the notion of purchasing a product has led us to a physical store location, where a knowledgeable sales associate waited for us to arrive and helped us decide which product to p

Hoping Your Mobile App Will Bring Digital Transformation? Think Again

1-Aug-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

Next-generation processes are spanning across multiple organizations internally and over the business network to boost efficiency. While there is value in this capability, the most game-changing aspec

Can Your Business Sense What’s Happening In Your Industry?

25-Jul-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

Lately, I have been fascinated by the sharing economy and the opportunities it presents. And for that very reason, I rarely miss a chance to talk to an Uber driver when using the service. Recently,

From Machine Learning To Company Learning: What Artificial Intelligence Can Tell Us About The Future Of Business

18-Jul-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

Adaptive systems are a special class of open systems that are continuously evolving. They feature dynamic networks of agents that interact with each other and their environments. Examples of complex,

Your Competition Is Not Just From Your Industry – It’s Everywhere

11-Jul-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

Most natural systems are open systems, working mutually with their environment. The human body is a prime example. You breathe air, which provides your cells with oxygen; then you exhale carbon dioxi

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be A Well-Oiled Machine

4-Jul-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

Knowledge work is the traditional foundation of the modern business. But, as it becomes a commodity delivered at ever-decreasing costs, what does that mean for the future of business? In the knowle

Did Someone Press The Reset Button On Drucker’s Knowledge Economy?

27-Jun-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

“Every few hundred years throughout Western history, a sharp transformation has occurred,” observed Peter Drucker in his 1992 Harvard Business Review (HBR) essay. “In a matter of decades, societ

Pssst … Workplace Robots Are Shaping Up To Create MORE Jobs

20-Jun-2016 | Dinesh Sharma

The world has already witnessed three industrial revolutions that have brought disruptive leaps across industrial processes, resulting in significantly higher productivity. In the course of nearly 200