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Dilip Khandelwal

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Dilip Khandelwal is the Managing Director of SAP Labs India. He is a member of the SAP Global Executive Team reporting to the Executive Board. Dilip was recognized by The Economic Times as a ’40 under 40’ leader. In 2019, he was named among the Top 100 Great People Managers by the Great Manager Institute, in collaboration with Forbes India. The International Business Awards honored Dilip with a Silver Stevie Award as Executive of the Year in the Computer Software Industry. He is a NASSCOM Executive Council Member and sits on the Governing Council of the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad.

Why Tenacity Is Important To Succeed As A Startup

6-Aug-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

I was invited to be a jury member of this year’s Economic Times Startup Awards. One of India’s most prestigious recognition for early-stage companies, the Economic Times Startup Awards celebrate e

The Top Skills You Need To Lead In Times Of Continuous Change

23-May-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

In times of digital transformation, change has become a constant. Guiding companies through their business transformation journey not only requires creating more agile organizational structures and pr

World Water Day: How Technology Can Help Bring Clean Water To All

21-Mar-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

March 22nd is World Water Day. When you go to the water cooler this week, remember that not everyone has access to clean drinking water yet. The UN General Assembly recognized access to water and sani

Why B2B Startups Are On The Rise In India

19-Mar-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

2018 was a breakthrough year for business-to-business (B2B) startups in India. B2B ventures stepped out of the shadows from the more visible business-to-consumer (B2C) startups. Of all 7,400 startups

These Three Trends Define The Next Phase of Cloud Computing

7-Mar-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

In its second decade, cloud computing has become a mature and reliable technology, but we still have only scratched the surface of the cloud’s full potential as an enabler of digital business transf

How Indian Startups Are Fueling A Global Intelligent Tech Renaissance

6-Feb-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

As the world’s third-largest startup hub, India is driving a global intelligent tech renaissance. The country has more than 49,000 startups, 1,500 investors, and 250 incubators, as well as 26 unicor

Why 2019 Will Be The Year Of The Intelligent Tech Renaissance

24-Jan-2019 | Dilip Khandelwal

Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest thinkers of the Renaissance, described simplicity as "the ultimate sophistication." The rule of simplicity also applies to technology innovation. Simplicity i

How To Become A Corporate Entrepreneur

31-Dec-2018 | Dilip Khandelwal

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I graduated, India was thriving in the global economy, but there was no startup ecosystem like there is today. Like many of my generation, I was drawn to th

Camera, Lights, AI Action, And The Cloud

31-Oct-2018 | Dilip Khandelwal

One of the most debated technologies today is artificial intelligence (AI). “His love is real, but he is not. Some embrace it, others fear it,” said the trailer for the movie A.I., directed by Ste

The New Art Of Intrapreneurship

12-Jul-2018 | Dilip Khandelwal

I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs. As the eldest son, it would have been the easiest path for me to continue our family business like generations before me. After all, my siblings and I