Desmond Chong

Desmond Chong

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Desmond Chong is the Product Owner for Enterprise Messaging in SAP Digital Interconnect. Desmond is passionate about helping enterprise customers to reach the last mile of their engagement with their customers. Prior to SAP, Desmond led the product portfolio on Postpaid and Prepaid with a local mobile operator in Singapore for more than 8 years.

Transforming Business Through Effective Campaign Management Tools

26-Jun-2019 | Desmond Chong

In the world of digital transformation, communication remains the key to customer engagement. Customers can be reached through various means, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, official accounts, email

SMS: Engaging Consumers Through Richer Communication

13-Jul-2018 | Desmond Chong

In today's digital era, we are no longer satisfied by looking at a plain message on our SMS—simple text messaging using SMS is a thing of the past. Checking Facebook and Instagram and sending pictur