Derrick Steiner

Derrick Steiner

About Derrick Steiner

Derrick Steiner has significant experience leading companies around the globe through strategic and operational transformations to improve cost, cash flow and service as a former management consultant, trusted c-suite advisor, analytical engineer, and change agent. Derrick’s focus at SAP is developing thought leadership to help organizations realize the value and business outcomes of digital transformation.

The Enterprise’s Thirst For Supply Chain Intelligence

21-Oct-2019 | Derrick Steiner

Supply chain leaders are navigating a challenging environment. Today’s leading companies are working very hard to be intelligent enterprises, capable of harnessing the power of end-to-end experienc

Digitally Transforming Economic Prosperity

5-Aug-2019 | Derrick Steiner

With business leaders and governments across the globe facing a challenging macroeconomic landscape, many are looking at digital transformation to be the next catalyst for economic prosperity. Digital

The Battle For Procurement Supremacy: Direct Vs. Indirect

9-Oct-2018 | Derrick Steiner

Direct procurement is often considered to run like a well-oiled machine. Direct purchases are the most critical to an organization; they represent the materials used as direct inputs of products sold

DIO Benchmark: Do You Have Supply Chain Improvement Opportunities?

23-Aug-2018 | Derrick Steiner

Days inventory outstanding (DIO) is the time it takes to convert inventory into revenue.  It is a measurement of the operational performance of the supply chain with financial implications to a busi

The Capital Strain of The Supply Chain: A 30-Year Study Of Global Supply Chain Performance

13-Aug-2018 | Derrick Steiner

Despite all the advances in supply chain knowledge, capabilities, technology, and resources, supply chains are actually putting more financial strain on the enterprise and increasing capital requireme

Digital Transformation: A Modern Form Of Creative Destruction

20-Jul-2018 | Derrick Steiner

Digital is a such a broad term ingrained in so many different aspects of our lives these days, it’s difficult to keep up with what all this terminology even means anymore. In the corporate world, di