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Derek Klobucher is a digital storyteller, writer, and video journalist for SAP.

These Graduates Create Value From Day 1 – Here’s Why

25-May-2018 | Derek Klobucher

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Some of the biggest names in retailing addressed technology, dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and more at the recent Global Retailing Conference 2018. Re

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How To Best Use Data To Reach Your Customer Anywhere

18-May-2018 | Derek Klobucher

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Declarations of the retail apocalypse for brick-and-mortar stores are more than overblown; they’re downright wrong, according to experts at a recent confer

How To Build Better Customer Loyalty With Authenticity

16-Mar-2018 | Derek Klobucher

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Successful customer loyalty programs can seem like an impossible dream for a retailer, but their potential for repeat business makes them well worth pursuing

Three Big Trends To Help You Better Personalize Your Products

1-Sep-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Two disruptive changes affecting manufacturers are speed in the supply chain and personalization of products, according to SAP’s Hans Thalbauer. Mastering them both will be critical to business suc

How To Benefit From Upgrading Your Digital Mindset

25-Jul-2017 | Derek Klobucher

More technologies are simultaneously reaching maturity than at any other time in recent memory. Getting the most out of cloud, mobile, Big Data, Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intell

Why Blockchain Is Good For Business, But Not Great For Consumers

20-Jun-2017 | Derek Klobucher

There’s been much ado about blockchain for years. But is the distributed ledger technology (DLT), which efficiently records and transparently shares contract and transaction data, worth the hype?

How To Ensure That Profitability And Sustainability Are At The Heart Of Your Firm

13-Apr-2017 | Derek Klobucher

The choice between profitability and sustainability is no longer a stark one, as promising companies start showing real gains — such as Tesla Inc. overtaking GM and Ford as the most valuable U.S. au

Are The Gains From Artificial Intelligence Worth The Lost Jobs?

9-Nov-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Machine learning has great potential to accelerate innovation and ease burdens on workers in finance and other industries. Despite creating a potential dark side for these same workers, artificial int

Looking For Opportunity In The Heart of Brexit’s Power Vacuum

12-Jul-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Much of the world is still working on damage control following the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom last month. Pro-Remain Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation the day after 5

Dueling Fed Reports: Why Finance Must Have Accurate Real-Time Data

5-May-2016 | Derek Klobucher

Two of the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks aren’t playing well as a team. The New York Fed on Friday will start delivering its own report on American gross-domestic-product growth, which is information t