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Deanna Morris

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Deanna Morris previously was the VP of Global Marketing Programs at SAP, driving a team of high-caliber marketing executives to deliver impactful and creative brand-to-cash marketing programs – some targeting line of business executives and others which are market-making thought leadership campaigns. She has over 15 years of software marketing experience, and is highly knowledgeable in topics related to Finance.

Financial And Sustainability Reporting: It’s Time For A Merger

28-Jan-2016 | Deanna Morris

The demand for reporting that transcends traditional financial facts and figures is growing louder from a wide range of stakeholders. Banks, shareholders, institutional investors, equity analysts, and

Disengaged Employees: They’re Costing Your Business

11-Dec-2015 | Deanna Morris

Employee engagement is no longer just about management/staff one-on-ones. The workplace has changed radically, with expectations by employers for round-the-clock response and pressure for increased pr

Is Your Staff Overwhelmed? Study Finds Finance Professionals Overworked

4-Dec-2015 | Deanna Morris

A study conducted by CFO Research, commissioned by SAP, found that 58% of finance leaders believe that their staff is overwhelmed by the demands placed on them. Finance operations personnel are often

Taking A Stand On Sustainability: How CFOs Can Make An Impact

18-Nov-2015 | Deanna Morris

CFOs play an increasingly important role in overall business strategy, and having a perspective and taking a stand on sustainability as part of corporate agenda will make a huge difference to the comp

The CFO-CIO Connection: Creating Strong Partnerships For Greater Performance

14-Oct-2015 | Deanna Morris

The relationship between CIOs and CFOs is unique: the CFO is responsible for implementing the financial strategy, and the CIO is an essential enabler for translating that strategy into action. Digitiz

CFO And CIO Collaboration: On The Upswing, But With Barriers Still To Come

13-Oct-2015 | Deanna Morris

According to a recent survey by EY, there is increased collaboration happening between CFOs and CIOs. This trend is accelerating the transformation of companies into analytics-driven organizations tha

Individual Simplicity: Surprising Ways To Be Our Best

30-Jul-2015 | Deanna Morris

We all want to do a good job at work. We want to be productive and successful. However, business processes and company cultures can create complexities that hinder our ability to be our best. Simplify