Dean Afzal

The Genius Blind Spot: How To Help Your Company Know What It Doesn’t

16-Mar-2018 | Dean Afzal

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] When people go to a concert, they get to watch star performers who make everything look easy. Fans cheer as the artists deliver memorable life events with prac

Selling Solutions: The Rise Of The Outcome-Based Economy

29-Sep-2017 | Dean Afzal

The world of high technology encompasses a large and varied collection of companies. So much of what people use daily has a significant technological component. It is easy to think of the obvious, lik

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Automotive: The Age Of The Mobility Ecosystem

19-Sep-2017 | Dean Afzal

Ask any automotive executive the following question: “Which part of your car generates the most power?” Their answer will likely influence your purchase decision significantly. If that person answ

The Road Of The Future: Top-Down Vision In Digital Transformation

21-Jul-2017 | Dean Afzal

People who seek to understand the success and notoriety of the top dogs in the digital marketplace, companies like Uber and AirBnB, often place a significant amount of attention on its almost anarchic

Mattress In A Box: Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

3-Jul-2017 | Dean Afzal

The TV ads are compelling. A young couple in their late 20s eagerly anticipates the arrival of a new mattress. It shows up in their bedroom, a crisp, clean box – the type that should contain somethi

How Restaurants Can Feast On The Growing Appetite For High-Tech Innovation

29-Sep-2016 | Dean Afzal

Let’s go out for dinner tonight! Sounds like a great idea. Your mind generates pleasant images – soft lighting, satisfying food, a break from the standard home life, no dishes to wash. It is an