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David Williams

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David Williams is vice president of Product Marketing for SAP’s Enterprise Planning Applications, part of the SAP Analytics portfolio. David and his team work closely with the product management and development teams that create the applications as well as with customers and prospective customers, providing insight into product features and benefits, and market trends. You can often find David at events discussing the merits of using SAP’s solutions and showcasing customer examples. Prior to joining SAP, David spent a number of years at Business Objects, Crystal Decisions, and Cognos in a variety of roles including product management, market intelligence, and strategic marketing.

The End Of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) As We Know It

20-May-2019 | David Williams

Corporate performance management (CPM), also known as enterprise performance management (EPM), is a term/concept coined by Gartner almost 20 years ago (2001). As we approach 2020, times have changed,