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David Vallejo

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David Vallejo is globally responsible for solution management and go-to-market strategies for the SAP Digital Business Planning portfolio. As supply chain veteran, he specializes on driving innovation and working with companies across industries to adopt new ways to drive business outcomes. David has held various leadership roles within SAP – most recently driving the successful launch of the SAP Ariba supply chain business network – and ran solution management for other supply chain cloud vendors like E2open and icon-scm. He was awarded the “Pros-to-Know” award from the Supply and Demand Chain Executive Board and holds a degree in computer science from the university of applied science in Mannheim.

Integrated Business Planning For High Tech: How Platforms Improve Execution And Drive Differentiation

14-Nov-2019 | David Vallejo

In the vocabulary of today’s digital economy, “high tech” and “innovation” are virtually synonymous. This emphasis on innovation has driven a dramatic expansion in the definition of what hig

Plan For Demand By Placing The Customer At The Heart Of Your Operations

7-Nov-2019 | David Vallejo

In today’s on-demand world, consumers expect to order anything from anywhere on any device and have it delivered at any time to any location. Any questions? For businesses, the only way to succee

Business Planning: The Prescription For Quality Assurance And Business Success In Life Sciences

14-Oct-2019 | David Vallejo

It’s ragweed season here in southern Ontario, so I pop another allergy pill. What never enters my mind, though, is the safety of the product I’m putting into my body. I have total confidence that

Design To Operate: Digital Business Planning In Real-Time

1-Jul-2019 | David Vallejo

Part 2 in a 5-part series on “Design-to-Operate with the Digital Supply Chain.” In this blog series, we’re looking at the design-to-operate (D2O) product lifecycle, which spans the phases of