David Trites

About David Trites

David Trites is a Director of SAP Global Marketing. He is responsible for producing interesting and compelling customer stories that will humanize the SAP brand, support sales and marketing teams across SAP, and increase the awareness of SAP in key markets.

How Under Armour’s Digital Transformation Will Improve Your Health

17-Feb-2016 | David Trites

Many great companies are born by solving a singular, widespread problem. For Under Armour, that singular problem was sweat. The innovative, moisture wicking athletic undergarments and apparel on wh

ULTA Gives Beauty Product Shopping A Makeover

21-Dec-2015 | David Trites

Shopping for beauty products isn’t easy. The myriad of choices is overwhelming and the in-store sales process can be quite intimidating. Going online for products is challenging, too. A slight varia

Zachry Construction Boosts Efficiency With New ERP

5-Nov-2015 | David Trites

If you’ve ever worked in the construction industry, or even pulled off a few smaller construction projects of your own, you know how complicated the projects can be. To complete a quality job on tim

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Brews Sustainable Growth On Cloud ERP

15-Oct-2015 | David Trites

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a podcast with Paula Muesse, COO and CFO of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, a small, organic, fair-trade tea company based in California, and Ursula Ringham from SAP. We ta

High-Tech ERP Helps EvoShield Protect Athletes and Grow Business

28-Sep-2015 | David Trites

Playing sports is great in many ways. Besides the obvious health and fitness benefits, sports can sharpen minds, improve communication and teamwork skills, boost confidence, teach values like determin

Prime Meats

How Prime Meats Cuts Through Business Complexity

29-Jul-2015 | David Trites

Summertime is BBQ time. From backyards to beaches, people everywhere are cooking outside to get that delicious open flame taste and have a great time. But if you really want to impress your friends an

Franklin Valve SAP story

Franklin Valve Shows How Small Business Tackles Rapid Growth

21-Jul-2015 | David Trites

Growth is a great sign of success in business, especially for small businesses like Franklin Valve. Growth also comes with complexity: Business processes become more complicated, resources get stretch