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David Sweetman

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David Sweetman is a Senior Director of Global Marketing at SAP. He is an accomplished software executive applying extensive business experience to develop and execute global product vertical and channel strategies that drive results. David has hands-on 360-degree experience of the software marketing, channels, sales, development and delivery processes.

From Maps To Apps: Why We Need A New Generation Of ERP

18-Sep-2019 | David Sweetman

Those of us of a certain age remember the AAA paper road maps and the hassle of unfolding and refolding them after every use. Or following directions that referred to landmarks like local pubs and cor

The Technology That Drives The Network Of Digital Twins And Industry 4.0

8-Aug-2018 | David Sweetman

Industry 4.0 is the vision for how manufacturers and other companies can use digital technologies to continuously drive greater efficiency, higher profitability, improved flexibility, and better outco

Unlocking Intelligence And Adapting At Speed With Machine Learning

13-Jun-2018 | David Sweetman

Everything seems to work better with intelligent insights. Our time and resources are precious, and we need to use them wisely; as our world is more connected, technology can be used to address our ne

Five Ways Machine Learning Drives Competitive Advantage Through Supply Chain Speed, Accuracy, And Agility

2-May-2018 | David Sweetman

The supply chain is an integral part of business operations, and it drives tremendous competitive advantage. Its speed and agility come from quickly picking up subtle changes in demand and supply and

Your Supply Chain Enterprise At 768 Miles Per Hour

16-Apr-2018 | David Sweetman

No one likes to wait. Customers especially hate the idea. In today’s hyper-fast digital marketplace, consumers expect instant gratification. If a woman needs a cocktail dress, she knows she can or