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David Parrish is the senior global director of Industrial Machinery & Components Solutions Marketing for SAP. Before joining SAP, he held various product and industry marketing positions with J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft, and QAD going back to 1999.

What Is The Future Of The Industrial Machinery Industry?

26-Apr-2018 | David Parrish

The industrial machinery and components (IM&C) industry is often on par with, or ahead of, other industries when it comes to using advanced technologies. For instance, this industry adopted the In

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Integrated Cloud And Analytic Solutions Are Driving IoT Adoption Rates

24-Apr-2018 | David Parrish

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers enormous potential for discrete manufacturers. It can drive more top-line revenue by enabling new, differentiated products and services. It can also reduce bottom-l

Smarter Edge Industrial Manufacturers Need To Serve The Segment Of One

18-Apr-2018 | David Parrish

Part 4 of the “Intelligent ERP-Driven Industries” series Industrial machinery and components (IM&C) manufacturers are a mission-critical force for companies in both advanced and developing

Digital Disruption Runs Deep Among Automotive Manufacturers

11-Apr-2018 | David Parrish

Part 2 of the “Intelligent ERP-Driven Industries” series Walking through a dealer showroom floor, it only takes a minute to see the vast influence of digital technology. Vehicles now park thems

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Three Reasons Discrete Manufacturers Must Integrate Digital And Physical Products

20-Feb-2018 | David Parrish

Discrete manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and defense, high tech, and industrial machinery and components are facing unprecedented pressures on their ability to innovate, engage with customers a

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The Surprising Truth Small And Midsize Industrial Manufacturers Must Face

15-Nov-2016 | David Parrish

Part 1 of the “Digitally Transforming Industries” series Looking back on my career, one thing is clear about the industrial machinery and components (IM&C) industry: The challenges and ri

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‘Welcome To The Future’: Manufacturing’s New Theme Song?

27-Sep-2016 | David Parrish

Rapid technological change is a topic that even pops up in country music, such as Brad Paisley's song "Welcome to the Future." It provides a motto for the transformation of manufacturing change in a t

Smart, Connected Products Require Changes To Business Processes

3-May-2016 | David Parrish

Smart, connected products use technology to collect and share data. These products anticipate problems and offer solutions. They open up new markets for companies. Change processes to grow Digital m

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Reimagine Products Connected To The Internet Of Things

19-Apr-2016 | David Parrish

By 2020, estimates show that between 30 billion and 50 billion products will connect to the Internet. Self-aware and interconnected, these devices will generate countless streams of data allowing