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David McAughtrie

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Dave McAughtrie is content marketing expert for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Top 6 Books For Project Professionals

12-Sep-2017 | David McAughtrie

As digital technology and mobile devices take over the business world, project professionals are coming up against new obstacles. New communication tools, remote workers, and the Internet of Things (I

Top 5 TED Talks For Project Professionals

5-Sep-2017 | David McAughtrie

Project professionals must be able to adapt—especially when it comes to how things are done. Digital transformation, for instance, influences the way we collaborate and how we manage tasks by changi


Top 6 Books For IT Leaders

30-Aug-2017 | David McAughtrie

Digital technology is deeply entrenched in the business world, forming the backbone of communication, data gathering and analysis, and customer experience processes. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)