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David Cruickshank is senior director for strategy and operations for the SAP Co-Innovation Lab. He leads the lab's efforts in Silicon Valley to enable ecosystem-driven co-innovation between SAP, its partners, and customers. Additionally, he manages all operational aspects necessary to run a multimillion-dollar data center to provision private cloud infrastructures to deliver productive SAP landscapes consumed by co-innovation projects seeking a faster track to market for commercially successful innovations.

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Edge Computing And Cloud For Remote Operations: Part 2

21-Jun-2018 | David Cruickshank

Part 2 in a 2-part series Part one of this series examined why edge computing is now fundamental to meeting the requirements of remote operations for the oil and gas industry and how intensive remo

Edge Computing And Cloud For Remote Operations, Part 1

22-May-2018 | David Cruickshank

Part 1 in a 2-part series In this post, I continue to touch upon the topic of machine learning, but now more within the context of edge computing. Examined simply through the lens of a single lab,

Machine Learning And Business Problem-Solving

12-Feb-2018 | David Cruickshank

2018 at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley is off to a roaring start, with three of its projects heavily focused on the topic of artificial intelligence. This project work spans machine learn

Drone Technology: What We’ve Learned In The Lab So Far

7-Nov-2017 | David Cruickshank

Part 4 in the 4-part Co-Innovation Series. Having reached Part 4 of this series, I’m looking at the source material and realize I could have written ten chapters, but I’m no Ken Burns. My goal i

drones, emerging technology, sensors, AI, innovation

Drones: Is That Buzzing In Your Ear An Opportunity Or Just A Pest?

17-Oct-2017 | David Cruickshank

Part 3 of the Co-Innovation Series. Day-to-day adoption of drones for commercial purposes is increasing, and it's leading to not-at-rest sensors going to work, sensing and sense-making the full spe

Real-World Results From The Co-Innovation Lab: Accelerated Deployment

28-Aug-2017 | David Cruickshank

Part 2 of the 4-part Co-Innovation Series. Read Part 1. Digital transformation projects often seek to gain insights from operational data, understand how to keep it secure, and figure out how to be

Co-Innovation Matters To A Digital Ecosystem

26-Jul-2017 | David Cruickshank

Part 1 in the 4-part Co-Innovation Series.  I was recently asked to contribute as a blogger to the Digitalist Magazine, exploring trends and use cases in digital innovation and transformation. The