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For over 25 years, Dave Fellers has leveraged business and technology solutions to help companies solve pressing challenges and improve performance. Since 1995, he has focused on applying SAP products to deliver real business improvements to organizations ranging from family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies in more than a dozen industries. Dave first joined Bramasol in 2007 to re-launch its professional services business. Since becoming CEO in May 2011, he has guided Bramasol to record-setting growth and revenues highlighted by the successful drive to serve the Office of the CFO in Accounting Compliance, Treasury and Finance Transformation, and a major acquisition that doubled the size of the company and gave it a global reach. Before joining Bramasol, Dave spent nine years at Deloitte, and started his career at Price Waterhouse where he first worked with SAP software. Dave is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting Information Systems.

Hedge Management Strategies For CFOs

5-May-2020 | Dave Fellers

When it comes to risk management, CFOs are invariably at the center of the action. This is especially true during a black-swan event such as the current global pandemic. But even in normal times, CFOs

M&A Activity Presents Challenges And Opportunities For CFOs

25-Mar-2020 | Dave Fellers

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity provides an important strategic element for many companies that can help boost growth, open new markets, and enable economies of scale for driving profitabili

Success In The Subscription Economy Will Require Flexible, High-Volume Billing Solutions

4-Mar-2020 | Dave Fellers

One of the major trends facing many businesses today is the move away from discrete product sales transactions and toward providing subscriptions for experience-based and outcome-focused services.

Payment Factory Optimizes Cash Flow While Reducing Risk And Boosting Productivity

5-Feb-2020 | Dave Fellers

Payment processing is a fundamental requirement in every company. At the simplest level, all payments could be processed by a single business entity through one bank account and within the same ERP

How Banking Connectivity Provides The Foundation For Agile Finance

2-Dec-2019 | Dave Fellers

In previous blogs, I’ve addressed several key topics that are critical for the office of the CFO, including working capital management, a global approach to cash, and leveraging in-house cash manage

In-House Cash Management Improves Visibility, Efficiency, And Overall Cash Utilization

30-Oct-2019 | Dave Fellers

All companies need to carefully manage their cash to ensure that sufficient funds are always available to support business operations. However, in today’s global enterprises, it can be difficult to

Working Capital Management: Exploring The What, Why, And How

23-Sep-2019 | Dave Fellers

Working capital is the lifeblood of most organizations and, as such, it needs to be watched closely and managed in a comprehensive, real-time, and proactive manner. All finance departments must man

Treasury Solutions For Sustained Success: Trade-Offs Of Standalone Vs. Integrated Approaches

20-Aug-2019 | Dave Fellers

Treasury functions are not easily isolated from the rest of operational applications that are typically spread throughout an organization – nor should they be. In fact, almost all treasury processes

Machine Learning Opens Pathway For Digital Transformation

10-Jul-2019 | Dave Fellers

As companies face exponentially growing amounts of data that can overwhelm individuals’ decision-making ability, machine learning provides a powerful method for helping people improve decision-makin

Treasury Optimization Starts With A Global Approach To Cash Management

19-Jun-2019 | Dave Fellers

Companies operating in today’s diverse global environments face unprecedented challenges in managing capital assets, especially cash accounts that are distributed throughout multiple operating entit