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Dante Ricci is the Global Public Services Marketing & Communications lead at SAP. His specialties include enterprise software, business strategy, business development, cloud computing and solution selling.

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Next Practices For The Public Sector Intelligent Enterprise

24-Jul-2019 | Dante Ricci

Evidence of digital transformation within governments is everywhere. Internet of Things technology is helping federal, regional, and local governments better manage and evaluate infrastructure, assets

Data Is Your Most Valuable Government Asset—How Will You Harness It?

20-Jul-2017 | Dante Ricci

Governments at all levels face seemingly overwhelming challenges today—from exploding costs and aging infrastructure to education and healthcare inequities. And at the center of these challenges are

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NGOs And Technology: A New Powerhouse For Humanity

6-Sep-2016 | Dante Ricci

The NGO Advisor defines non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as operational or advocacy-focused entities and groups that are non-profit oriented, public-interest oriented, and active at the local, na

Strengthening Government Through Data Analytics

26-May-2016 | Dante Ricci

When it comes to analyzing data, you could say that there is a clash in culture due to disconnect within the government workforce. This is partly due to the fact that many organizations don’t have

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Governments Of The Future Will Make Lives Better

23-May-2016 | Dante Ricci

Governments and society as a whole are experiencing a digital transformation that is making them more agile and inclusive. By embracing new technology, local governments are becoming more organized. T

Let’s Use Collective Wisdom (And Data) To Solve Deadly Societal Issues

4-May-2016 | Dante Ricci

A recent series in the Washington Post opened my eyes to an alarming situation in Middle America. I was quite surprised to learn that the death rate of white women in the United States between the age