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Dan Kearnan

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Dan Kearnan is senior director of marketing for Cloud Solutions at SAP Americas. With 20 years of experience in the field of cloud, analytics, data warehousing, and in-memory technologies, he brings extensive knowledge in cloud solutions, analytics, and data management to his current role. Dan has worked with many large and midsize companies over the years to help them define and plan their cloud and data management strategies

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Extending The Digital Core Accelerates Growth And Innovation

5-Jun-2019 | Dan Kearnan

Part 3 in the "Digital Platform" series that explores how organizations can rethink their IT infrastructure to take advantage of the increased efficiency, automation, and agility enabled by the latest

How Human And Machine Intelligence Powers The Intelligent Enterprise

25-Oct-2018 | Dan Kearnan

Part of the "CIO's Intelligent Enterprise series" Transforming a company into an intelligent enterprise is not as simple as declaring it to be so, or even as simple as moving data and applications