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Dan Wellers is the Digital Futures Global Lead and Senior Analyst at SAP Insights.

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AI And Ethics: We Will Live What Machines Learn

2-May-2017 | Dan Wellers

Big Data analytics, machine learning, and other emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have, in a very short time, become astonishingly good at helping companies see, and react to, pattern

Perception vs Reality: The Next Wave of Computing

16-Jan-2017 | Dan Wellers

Perception: We have to accept the limitations of silicon chips. Reality: [caption id="" align="alignright" width="431"] Graphene molecule, credit: Getty Images[/caption] Current manufacturing me

Perception vs Reality: Drones

14-Nov-2016 | Dan Wellers

Perception: Drones are as easy to use as smartphones. Reality: Enterprise drones are a different class than hobbyists’ toys. Just operating them commercially requires training, certification, and

Perception vs. Reality: Driverless Cars

6-Sep-2016 | Dan Wellers

Perception: Driverless cars are dangerous. Reality: With approximately 1.25 million vehicle-related deaths each year, advocates argue that driverless technology is a solution for eliminating crashe

7 Surprising Innovations For The Future Of Computing

14-Jul-2016 | Dan Wellers

Moore’s Law posits that the number of transistors on a microprocessor — and therefore their computing power — will double every two years. It’s held true since Gordon Moore came up with it in

The Super Materials Revolution

27-Jun-2016 | Dan Wellers

Thousands of years ago, humans discovered they could heat rocks to get metal, and it defined an epoch. Later, we refined iron into steel, and it changed the course of civilization. More recently, we t

Virtual Reality: Perception vs. Reality

16-May-2016 | Dan Wellers

Perception: It won’t be real for years. Reality: Researchers have been working to create digital realities for decades, producing lots of demonstrations. Recently, the engineering behind these ha

Digital Trends Will Drive Competitive Advantage – Virtual Reality, Blockchain and others

5-Apr-2016 | Dan Wellers

The future will be what we make it. Unlike the past or the present, it's the only arena where we have any control. But the future, as the saying goes, isn't what it used to be. As digital technology

Reimagine Your Business Model For Exponential Change – 4 Steps

22-Mar-2016 | Dan Wellers

Over the last year or so, we've been discussing digital futures and the ways they might affect business and life in the next decade. We've touched on some specific ways these technologies are already

Digital Trends That Will Shape Your Future [E-BOOK]

1-Mar-2016 | Dan Wellers

The future will be whatever we make it. Yet the future, so the saying goes, isn’t what it used to be. As digital technology rockets through an exponential growth curve, it is fundamentally changing