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Dan Wellers is the Global Lead of Digital Futures at SAP.

Batteries Power Up

4-Jun-2018 | Dan Wellers

[drop-letter]1[/drop-letter] [one_half] Perception: Batteries are boring. We notice them only when they’re dead. Credit: Tesla [/one_half] [one_half_last] Reality:

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Virtuous Circles: The Circular Economy Gets Rolling

4-Jun-2018 | Dan Wellers

They’ve already shown great potential for increasing profits while reducing production costs and improving our planet. Meanwhile, opportunities to create competitive advantage via traditional linear

machine learning potential for the workforce

The Human Side Of Machine Learning

2-May-2018 | Dan Wellers

As enterprises bring machine learning into their organizations, many pundits predict that it will lead to massive layoffs. Yet in a recent study we developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit,

machine learning ast learners

Survey: Four Ways Machine Learning Will Disrupt Your Business

18-Apr-2018 | Dan Wellers

We are entering the era of the machine learning enterprise, in which this subset of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities will revolutionize operating models, shake up staffing methods, upend busi

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How Future Batteries Could Save Civilization

4-Jan-2018 | Dan Wellers

The future of humanity may well depend on our ability to move away from our dirty and dwindling supply of fossil fuels as fast as possible. To steer ourselves and our planet in the right direction, we

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The Human Factor In An AI Future

4-Dec-2017 | Dan Wellers

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated and its ability to perform human tasks accelerates exponentially, we're finally seeing some attempts to wrestle with what that means, not just for

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The Future Belongs To Industry-Busting Ecosystems

3-Oct-2017 | Dan Wellers

The digital revolution has returned nearly absolute power to the customer – and that’s upsetting not simply legacy corporations, but long-held notions of business models, competition, and industry

machine learning

8 Ways Machine Learning Is Improving Companies’ Work Processes

19-Jun-2017 | Dan Wellers

Today’s leading organizations are using machine learning-based tools to automate decision processes, and they’re starting to experiment with more-advanced uses of artificial intelligence (AI) for

The Big (Data) Problem With Machine Learning

11-May-2017 | Dan Wellers

Historically, most of the data businesses have analyzed for decision-making has been of the structured variety—easily entered, stored, and queried. In the digital age, that universe of potentially

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Pulling Cities Into The Future With Blockchain

10-May-2017 | Dan Wellers

The next wave of the digital economy is just over the horizon, and it could be built on the blockchain. Blockchain technology has been rapidly growing in influence since 2015, when it became appare