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Daniel Renkel

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Daniel Renkel is an IT business consultant for the Center of Digital Leadership at SAP.

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Chief Digital Officer: Not Just A One-Hit Wonder?

29-Sep-2017 | Daniel Renkel

According to leading consulting companies, the chief digital officer (CDO) is an established role within the C-suite. This might be true for regions like the U.S. and not so true for Europe and oth

The CIO Becomes Cool Again

21-Sep-2017 | Daniel Renkel

A CIO’s key to success in digital times is the creation of a digital platform and building new relationship strengths within the company. Not long ago, CIOs were organizationally supervised by th

Why Skippers Would Make Great CEOs

8-Sep-2017 | Daniel Renkel

Being the leader of an organization can be overwhelming, especially when you are steering your crew into uncharted waters. Many large companies are currently facing the rough waters of digital transf

The New Kids On The Block In The Digital Era

5-Sep-2017 | Daniel Renkel

The digital era will force new thinking and mindsets on the corporate leaders of today and the new CxO roles of tomorrow. Here is a portrait of three new kids on the block. First, a quick history l

What Makes A Leader Worth Following?

31-Aug-2017 | Daniel Renkel

Intelligence a thick skin, determination, and being a visionary are characteristics a leader must embody. But in times shaped by the war of talent and disruptive technologies, there is a lot more than

Back To Digital Basics

21-Aug-2017 | Daniel Renkel

Do you hold a management position with decision power? If so, chances are the sales forces of this world regularly try to point your attention toward your company’s digital transformation, with high