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Daniel LoPolito

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Daniel LoPolito is Vice President and Head of SAP Business Transformation Services in North America. He is on the front lines of digital transformation working closely with CEOs, CIOs, and business executives from many different industries and draws on over 25 years of experience to define and build customers’ digital transformation strategies. He has successfully led large, multiscale transformation projects for many large and midsize businesses. With the help of Dan’s team, SAP customers are guided on how best to consume the technology that will enable them to successfully transform to a digital enterprise.

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IT Leadership And Growth-Limiting Challenges For Midsize Businesses

22-Apr-2019 | Daniel LoPolito

Part 1 of the three-part series “How IT Drives Growth for Midsize Businesses” One of the most nerve-racking moments for technology leaders of growing businesses face is a boardroom full of busi

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Why A Fit-To-Standard Mindset Matters In An Era Of Change

4-Mar-2019 | Daniel LoPolito

The challenges of adopting intelligent technology and adapting to change are often met with complexity, confusion, concern, and conflict as business leaders ask themselves: What value will the im

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2017 Predictions From The Front Lines Of Digital Transformation

10-Jan-2017 | Daniel LoPolito

Trying to predict the future is part of our human nature. The human brain is always thinking ahead and looking for opportunities to avoid failure, put more money in our bank accounts, and surpass our

Your Digital Vision: Separating The Buzz From Real Business Opportunity

12-Dec-2016 | Daniel LoPolito

CIOs are under incredible pressure to fix business issues that started and continued to brew outside of their IT organizations. Increasingly, non-IT leaders are making more technology decisions on the