Craig Kindleman

Craig Kindleman

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Craig Kindleman is a senior director in the Oil and Gas Industry business unit at SAP. He advises customer executive teams and leads priority shareholder value initiatives for the oil and gas industry at SAP. Craig has acquired vast knowledge in operations, asset management, marketing, and technology – all based on his experience designing global initiatives for multinational businesses and specializing in high-impact projects.

Upstream COO: Focus On Increasing Production And Reducing Operating Costs

24-Oct-2019 | Craig Kindleman

As an upstream oil and gas chief operating officer, you have a huge responsibility for exploration and production (E&P)– e.g., what’s your cost per well? And if you get it wrong, you stand to

The Downstream COO: Getting Results. Keeping Results.

17-Oct-2019 | Craig Kindleman

As a downstream COO, you are tasked with getting results – and keeping results. You specialize in people management, going out into the field to meet with refinery operators, construction manager

Downstream Oil And Gas CFOs: A Change In The Financial Landscape

10-Oct-2019 | Craig Kindleman

As a CFO of a downstream oil and gas organization, you’re familiar with the term “gravel,” which means going out into the field to see how the real world works. In that vein, we recently had

Challenges In Oil And Gas For Procurement Leaders

3-Oct-2019 | Craig Kindleman

As a chief procurement officer, you know you need to get the best bang for your buck in buying equipment at the highest discount and the best terms and conditions for maintenance and service. You h

HR: Workforce Dynamics Are Driving Change In Oil And Gas

26-Sep-2019 | Craig Kindleman

As an oil and gas HR executive, you know that downsizing, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions are a way of life. There’s the boom-and-bust cycle – including the rampant hiring when things

Asset Managers: A Change In The Landscape

19-Sep-2019 | Craig Kindleman

For asset-intensive businesses in the oil and gas industry, keeping equipment with extraordinary lifecycles ― such as pipes, pumps, turbines, compressors, and oil field platforms ― running at peak

Upstream Oil And Gas CFOs: Increase Oilfield Margins And Reduce Operating Costs

12-Sep-2019 | Craig Kindleman

As an upstream oil and gas CFO, you are well aware that your business has a lot of boom-and-bust cycles. For example, four years ago, the price of oil dropped to approximately US$30 a barrel – an