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Conor Donohoe is an ERP consultant for SAP S/4HANA Cloud at SAP. He is a qualified chartered accountant, with first-hand experience of how technology can drive business change. Trained in a Big Four accounting firm, he is experienced in advanced analytics and reporting within the professional services, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. Conor comes from the ERP user side, so understands the challenges ERP users can encounter with their systems – and where real gains can be made.

Five Reasons CFOs Should Consider Blockchain Technology

20-Jun-2018 | Conor Donohoe

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of cloud business finance, but many finance professionals don't fully understand its potential. Below is an overview of blockchain and how your organ

Why Collaboration Is Finance’s Next Frontier

30-May-2018 | Conor Donohoe

In a world of economic instability, uncertainty, and technological change, finance professionals are more crucial than ever for companies, from the tiniest tech startups to massive Fortune 500 firms.

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Four Ways To Capture Competitive Advantage With Intelligent Cloud ERP

15-Feb-2018 | Conor Donohoe

The modern business environment is in a state of constant evolution. Fast-changing consumer behavior and technological change have left countless organizations and industries vulnerable to disruption.

Top 6 Books For Growth-Focused Executives

1-Feb-2018 | Conor Donohoe

Many companies realize rapid growth and agile scaling that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago. Strategic digital transformation empowers businesses with the tools they need to empower their

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Reimagining Tomorrow’s User Experience: Three Facts About Next-Gen UX

22-Jan-2018 | Conor Donohoe

User adoption has always played a massive role in the success of IT initiatives. Even the most carefully selected technology and near-perfect implementation plan can fail to deliver returns on investm

Jobs Of The Future: The Collaborative Financial Officer

13-Sep-2017 | Conor Donohoe

Strength in financial core competencies is no longer enough for CFOs. In the future, the role of the CFO will be a fully collaborative one, with finance being just one part of a long list of skills th

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Top 5 TED Talks For Finance Leaders In Digital Transformation

4-Sep-2017 | Conor Donohoe

Digital transformation manifests in different ways for different companies. For some, it is a push towards developing a mobile strategy, while for others it is all about embracing new technologies as

How To Avoid Decision-Making Pitfalls

2-Aug-2017 | Conor Donohoe

Part 3 in a 3-part series. Read Part 1 and Part 2. The business world is littered with examples of spectacularly ill-judged decisions. From Time Warner’s £100 billion merger with AOL to Gerald

5 Business Processes Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing

1-Aug-2017 | Conor Donohoe

Part 2 in a 3-part series. Read Part 1 and Part 3. The complexity facing business has never been greater. Information pours into databases at unprecedented speed and from sources unimaginable even

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The Role Of Machine Learning In UK Employee Productivity

31-Jul-2017 | Conor Donohoe

Part 1 in a 3-part series. Read Part 2 and Part 3. Though it probably doesn’t feel this way to those who spend their lives running between meetings, dealing with customers, or negotiating with su