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Christopher Koch is the Editorial Director of the SAP Center for Business Insight. He is an experienced publishing professional, researcher, editor, and writer in business, technology, and B2B marketing.

Human Behavior, Turned Up To 11

4-Feb-2019 | Christopher Koch

Humans crave convenience. It's not just that it makes our lives easier, although that's certainly part of it. It's that convenience allows us to spend our time on other things we find more meaningful,

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Circular Economy: Reshaping the Industrial Ecosystem

4-Jun-2018 | Christopher Koch

[drop-letter]Though it doesn’t make any of the tourist guidebooks, one of the most famous places in Denmark is an unremarkable-looking industrial park in the small coastal city of Kalundborg.[/drop-

Perception vs. Reality: The Circular Economy

21-Feb-2018 | Christopher Koch

Perception: It’s a radical, unproven concept. Reality: [caption id="" align="alignright" width="431"] Credit: Ellen MacArthur Foundation[/caption] An alternative to the traditional linear mode

Perception vs. Reality: Immersive Technologies

15-Nov-2017 | Christopher Koch

Perception: Immersive experiences are scripted productions. Reality: [caption id="" align="alignright" width="429"] Credit: The Void VR[/caption] Early versions of immersive technologies, which in

Perception vs. Reality: Sensors

11-Sep-2017 | Christopher Koch

Perception: Sensors are passive collectors of data. Reality: Smart sensors are becoming not only highly sophisticated—measuring everything from motion, acceleration, and pressure to light, heat,

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The Tiny Engines Driving The Digital Revolution

6-Sep-2017 | Christopher Koch

In computing, bigger is never better. The smaller computers get, the more useful they become—like that computer you carry around in your pocket or purse, otherwise known as a smartphone. The same

Why Digital Transformation Is A Nothingburger – And What To Do About It

22-Aug-2017 | Christopher Koch

There’s a scientific term for when a word or phrase is repeated so many times that our minds become unable to process its meaning: semantic satiation. We’ve gotten to that point with the relent

customer networks

The Value Of Customer Networks

25-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

Traditionally, businesses have always worked for customers. Success depended on the ability to offer great products and services, make the purchasing process easy and enjoyable, and follow up with pos

customer feedback

The Most Important Stage Of The Buying Journey You’ve Never Heard Of

18-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

There are many different interpretations of the buying journey, but most of them always begin with awareness: the point when customers discover a company, product, or service, or identify a need that

Why Moment Marketing Will Beat Traditional Advertising

11-Aug-2016 | Christopher Koch

When Oreo sent its now famous “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet during a power outage that hit the Super Bowl a few years ago, it caused a sensation. Of the more than 15,000 viewers who retwe