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Christopher Glander

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Christopher Glander is North America Industry Lead for the Mill Products and Mining Industries at SAP. He is an enterprise technology and operations leader with over twenty five years of experience in Mill Products environments, focusing on enabling operational excellence and profitable growth for customers.

Sourcing: A Call For High-Stakes Evolution Across The Mill Products Industry

23-Jul-2019 | Christopher Glander

Part 5 of the "State of the Mill Industry" series Executives across mill products companies wake up every day in a world of volatility that impacts every aspect of the one thing that can make or br

From Record To Report: Mill Companies Mold Insight With Transactions

16-Jul-2019 | Christopher Glander

Part 4 of the "State of the Mill Industry" series Traditionally, the mill products industry has been marked with specialized and profitable niches that are a part of consumers’ everyday life. Yet

Connected Mill Manufacturing: Plan To Produce, Design To Deliver

9-Jul-2019 | Christopher Glander

Part 3 of the "State of the Mill Industry" series A standard growth strategy across mill products companies, as well as many other industries, is setting up a future of increasing complexity. Throu

New Lead-to-Cash Mindset Renews Growth For Mill Products Companies  

2-Jul-2019 | Christopher Glander

Part 2 of the "State of the Mill Industry" series The lead-to-cash business scenario may be one of the most critical functions for mill products operations, but it is often oversimplified into thre

The Future Of The Mill Workforce: Challenge, Crisis, And Revitalization

27-Jun-2019 | Christopher Glander

Part 1 of the "State of the Mill Industry" series Mill manufacturing is facing a labor shortage at a scale not seen in decades. Just as consumer demand begins to rise in response to global economic