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About Christine Mykota

Christine is a Sr. Director, Marketing, Global Channels and General Business at SAP where she leads the Digital and Social Media strategy for SMB and partners in NA. She has over 25 years in marketing beginning her career in international busines, s consulting to SMB's helping them expand their markets around the globe. She has also taught at colleges and universities in Canada,Malaysia, Kyghystan and Ukraine. She has led various workshops on strategic planning, marketing research and entrepreneurship. She has contributed to 5 international business publications and was one of five Canadians awarded for her international work. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs secure funds for their ventures as well as fine tune their business plans. Christine began her career in software over 15 years ago with companies large and small such as Autodesk, Business Objects and SAP and rising stars. She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, many of which are partners of SAP. In her spare time she has many passions both active and creative.

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Inspiration From 4 Fun Success Stories Of Technological Change

19-Sep-2016 | Christine Mykota

One of the largest obstacles we have to overcome is personal resistance to change, particularly as it relates to technology. Today, there are apps that help us stay in better shape, find our favor

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Need Inspiration To Go Digital? Read This!

12-Sep-2016 | Christine Mykota

Small businesses often struggle to link their use of personal and business technology. For example, while upwards of 85 percent of SMB employees use smartphones daily at work, more than half of the sm

Transformation Takes Courage: 5 Tips

6-Sep-2016 | Christine Mykota

From launching new products to gaining the support of investors, overcoming resistance to change is essential to forward movement. Because of this, it’s something you need to cultivate in both your

Learn To Embrace The Cyborg

29-Aug-2016 | Christine Mykota

Fear is nothing new. Technophobia, which at its most basic definition is the fear of advanced technologies, has existed for centuries, though the forms of technology feared have evolved. Fortunately,

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Superstars Win With Social Selling – Are You In?

25-Aug-2016 | Christine Mykota

Did you know that 98% of sales people with more than 5,000 LinkedIn Connections meet or beat their sales quota? Join the social selling movement and build your own network of potential clients in just

Resistance To Change Is Futile

23-Aug-2016 | Christine Mykota

Did you know that our resistance to change is biological? Change is stressful, and stress causes a series of reactions in your body that can put you on edge. It could be something as simple as switchi

4 Founders Who Did Not Flounder Digital Innovation

28-Jul-2016 | Christine Mykota

In our personal lives, we sometimes stand in the way of the very things that help us grow and change. And one of the greatest obstacles many of us need to overcome is a resistance to technology.

Famous Technophobes: Are You One?

26-Jul-2016 | Christine Mykota

We all know how painful it can be when your organization introduces a new CRM system or moves to a new update of, well, anything. There are many obstacles to digital transformation, and guess what 

Through the Woods: Overcoming Those Darn Thorns of Change!

14-Jul-2016 | Christine Mykota

The prospect of introducing change to an organization can be prickly. What if the modification backfires? What if it stings and is difficult to implement? What if an adjustment is messy or impossib

Strange And Magical Tech: Not An Illusion

23-May-2016 | Christine Mykota

Arthur C. Clarke once said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It really is. In its early transformations, it is mystical, entertaining, enriching, and