Christine Evans

Christine Evans

About Christine Evans

Christine Evans is a senior marketing specialist, Partner Marketing at SAP. She is responsible for developing and executing partner marketing strategies, activities, and programs in joint go-to-market plans with global strategic services partners. The goal is to increase opportunities, pipeline, and revenue through demand generation via SAP's global and local partner ecosystems.

From Silent to Streaming: A Film Company’s Digital Journey To Becoming An Intelligent Enterprise

29-Oct-2019 | Christine Evans

Deluxe Entertainment is a 105-year-old movie and television business with a storied history going back to the early days of Hollywood. Originally started in 1915 as a film lab when movies were still s

The Evolution Of Technology Continues: What’s Next In 2019

26-Feb-2019 | Christine Evans

From year to year, the evolution of technology is one of staggering promise and opportunity – as well as uncertainty. The future may be unknown, but digital advancement continues to reshape our worl