Dr. Christian Schmeichel

Dr. Christian Schmeichel

About Dr. Christian Schmeichel

Dr. Christian Schmeichel is Senior Vice President of HR at SAP for the board areas Technology & Innovation, Intelligent Enterprise Group, Finance, and HR. He is a passionate advocate for running HR like a business and co-shaping the future of work. Follow Christian on Twitter @Schmeichel_C.

Rethinking HR: Laser Focus On HR Consumer Experiences

18-Feb-2019 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

Digitalization is the new norm, prompting businesses to accelerate the transformation of their processes and models to capitalize on the opportunities that digital technology provides. At the same tim

The Future Of People Analytics: New Horizons Of Intelligent HR Consumer Experience

30-May-2018 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

People analytics is the talk of the town and has been a hot human resources (HR) trend for years. More and more HR departments understand the power of instant, data-driven insights to boost business i