Dr. Christian Schmeichel

Dr. Christian Schmeichel

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Dr. Christian Schmeichel is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Global Human Resources at SAP.

People analytics

The Future Of People Analytics: New Horizons Of Intelligent HR Consumer Experience

30-May-2018 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

People analytics is the talk of the town and has been a hot human resources (HR) trend for years. More and more HR departments understand the power of instant, data-driven insights to boost business i

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How To Create Business Impact With People Analytics

19-Dec-2017 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

There are three ways that can help you “gut” the guesswork out of HR decision-making at your organization: Accurate data: An analytics infrastructure that provides access to accurate data is

Three Ways HR Can Lead In Times Of Digitization

12-Sep-2017 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

We’ve all heard the expression “change is the only constant,” and this couldn’t be more true today in times of digitization. Across all industries, organizations are challenged to radically re

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HR Makes The Difference In Business Digitization

15-Aug-2017 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

The digitization of business is here. Customers demand a seamless buying experience with real-time access to information, intuitive interfaces, personalization, immediate fulfillment, and global consi

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“Gutting” The Guesswork Out Of HR Decision Making

9-Feb-2017 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

“How do leaders make decisions?” Executives were recently asked this question in a study from The Economist and PwC. In a world full of data, surprisingly, only 29% reported that they put the most

Are Your Employees All-In? If You Don’t Know, The Answer Is No

20-Oct-2016 | Dr. Christian Schmeichel

Within the first five minutes of entering an office, you can tell who is working for you and who’s just punching the clock. The ones who are working for you are going the extra mile to drive innovat