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Mr. Skinner is chairman of the Financial Services Club, CEO of Balatro Ltd. and comments on the financial markets through his blog the Finanser. He can be reached at

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Blockchain Is Boring, So Why Am I So Excited?

5-Dec-2016 | Chris Skinner

There has been a huge amount written about and invested in blockchain developments but, for all the hype, there is still a massive amount of confusion, misunderstanding, and lack of delivery from this

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Rogue Employees Show The Need For Analyzing Internal Data

14-Nov-2016 | Chris Skinner

It’s interesting to see the heat banks are taking over employees taking unapproved and sometimes illegal actions. Each time, the bank’s leadership team is held to account over the issue. Should th

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Why FinTech Will Not Kill Banking

1-Nov-2016 | Chris Skinner

A point that is often raised is how slow banks are in adapting to technology and digital transformation. It is true that banks are challenged by the Internet age; financial systems were built for the

Digitalizing Finance

What Comes After FinTech?

25-Aug-2016 | Chris Skinner

There are three generations of fintech developments taking place. The first generation – FinTech 1.0, if you like – was when the first wave of startups appeared in the mid-2000s. I saw them fal

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Why All The Fuss About Blockchain?

8-Aug-2016 | Chris Skinner

It is worth tuning out the white noise surrounding blockchain because real change is in the works – provided everyone understands what it involves. Much is being written about bitcoin and blockc

The New Age Of Financial Services: Open Sourced

24-Jun-2016 | Chris Skinner

Money originated as a control mechanism for governments of Ancient Sumer to control farmers, based upon shared beliefs. It was then structured during the Industrial Revolution into government-backed i

The Madness Of Blockchains

28-Apr-2016 | Chris Skinner

I’ve written about bitcoin and blockchain for half a decade, and now banks are talking about it, too. There is a belief that the blockchain technology that came from the bitcoin structure could revo

Blockchain: Poised To Change The Banking System

22-Feb-2016 | Chris Skinner

Big American banks, including JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, and are changing their core systems to a digital structure based upon a technology created by bitcoin. However, the rest of the ban

Is It Fintech Or Techfin? (Part 2)

11-Jan-2016 | Chris Skinner

In Part 1, I discussed the views of Fintech startups that ask “How can I transform this financial process using technology?” Banks think differently, asking instead “How can I apply technology t

Is It Fintech Or Techfin? (Part 1)

7-Jan-2016 | Chris Skinner

In conversations with bankers and startups, it is clear that there they have differing views of the world. It is not as clear-cut as "nimble innovator versus dinosaur incumbent," which is how many por