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In his role at SAP Ariba, Chris Rauen educates procurement, finance, and shared services professionals on the business value of accounts payable automation, procure-to-pay transformation, and collaboration via business networks. Chris has addressed these topics at finance and shared services conferences, in articles for trade and business publications, and in blogs for online communities. Chris has more than 15 years of experience in e-payables, and holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

How Electronic Invoicing Can – And Should – Really Work

27-Aug-2018 | Chris Rauen

If an electronic invoicing system meets the needs of accounts payable but operates in isolation from the rest of the enterprise, how much value does it add? Plenty — if you’re doing business in

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Consumer Buying For Business? Beware The Back End

2-Jul-2018 | Chris Rauen

In the world of e-commerce, the ease with which consumers make purchases is spreading to the workplace. That can be a good thing, or a disaster. That’s because buying for business is not at all l

The Corporate Lottery Ticket Waiting To Be Cashed

18-Jan-2018 | Chris Rauen

Would you cash in a winning lottery ticket that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars? That’s a silly question, but for many corporate finance departments, the equivalent of a winning lo

The Year For Making Business Payments Sooner … And Later

14-Dec-2017 | Chris Rauen

Looking back on the year, have you been satisfied with the earnings on short-term cash? I certainly haven’t. But businesses have an opportunity to increase their returns on cash with early-paymen

Five Keys To Finance Excellence In A Digital Economy

16-Nov-2017 | Chris Rauen

According to a recent survey from Oxford Economics and sponsored by SAP, finance leaders are twice as likely to report market growth over the past year. These leaders also rely on automation to improv

Win-Lose To Win-Win: Managing Working Capital In A Digital Economy

2-Nov-2017 | Chris Rauen

When it comes to payment timing, it’s no surprise that buyers and suppliers would have different perspectives. Buyers prefer to pay later, while suppliers want to be paid sooner. What are trading

Business Payments In A Digital Economy: It’s About Timing

21-Sep-2017 | Chris Rauen

“When will I get paid?” For me, the answer to that question is generally “in the middle and end of the month.” For many suppliers, though, the payment date remains a mystery. When they call

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The New World Of Accounts Payable: When Invoices Process Themselves

7-Sep-2017 | Chris Rauen

Who would have thought that processing an invoice could be more challenging than building a house? Well, that might be a stretch, but 3D printing in construction has simplified the home-building pr

And The Invoice Goes To? Get This Right To Optimize Your Working Capital

13-Jul-2017 | Chris Rauen

Much has been written about the errors made at this year’s Academy Awards and before that, the 2015 Miss Universe Awards. Behind the scenes, in accounts payable, errors and exceptions are a way of

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Cloud Computing Breakthroughs: From The Preakness To Payables

8-Jun-2017 | Chris Rauen

When a horse named Cloud Computing won this year’s Preakness Stakes, it created a groundswell of Twitter posts from technology executives. The upshot: cloud computing has arrived. Now, that’s n