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Chris Hallenbeck

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Chis Hallenbeck is senior vice president, Database & Data Management, Product Management and Go-to-Market, at SAP. In that role, he organizes and integrates product management and user-interaction design teams into agile software development processes, and builds productive relationships with customers, prospects, and engineering teams. He is a graduate of Middlebury College.

Why Data Security And Data Governance Matter

21-Jun-2018 | Chris Hallenbeck

Data security has long since breached the walls of tech blogs and legal briefs as a topic of concern. Thanks to recent revelations and subsequent high-profile apologies and government hearings, data s

The Challenge Of Data Sprawl: Accessibility And Quality

14-Jun-2018 | Chris Hallenbeck

The Information Age has given way to the Data Age: Every single day, millions of users, businesses, and governments generate a colossal amount of data. To complicate matters further, this abundance

The Vexing Problem Of Data Entropy

1-Jun-2018 | Chris Hallenbeck

Imagine a library that houses a vast collection of books – centuries of print from across the globe. Now imagine that this collection is housed not under one stately roof, but across dozens of small