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Chong Mock Seng

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Chong Mock Seng is Retail Industry Leader of Southeast Asia for SAP. He has focused on retail, consumer products, and high tech manufacturing customers in the Asia-Pacific region and has a wealth of insights and practical experience through his myriad engagements in which he enjoys sharing with his customers in his current role as Retail IVE for Southeast Asia. He is most passionate about dialogues and action plans on transformative retail engineering in the disruptive digital era.

The Innovation Sweet Spot: Straddling Today And The Digital Retail Enterprise

25-Sep-2018 | Chong Mock Seng

Innovate or go bust! Retailers recognize that—so stop telling retailers they must innovate. More than almost any other industry, retailers have been told they need to innovate. Forbes reinforc

retail, digital strategy, digital transformation, big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence

The Mother Of All Retail Fundamentals For 2018 And Beyond

13-Jun-2018 | Chong Mock Seng

The new era of retail is here (we know). Digital has been rewriting the rules of engagement for retail (retailers know). We’ve been shown the vision of a seamless fusion of offline and online co

customer engagement, retail, analytics, big data

Customer Engagement In Retail – Not Merely About Customer Experience

1-Feb-2018 | Chong Mock Seng

In today’s digital and “always-on” world, customers expect retailers to anticipated and meet their needs in real time. However, this type of customer engagement is more than what retailers are u

omnichannel, retail

Create Customer-Driven Supply Networks To Enable Innovative Propositions

13-Sep-2017 | Chong Mock Seng

Many retailers are caught in a dilemma between service level and inventory. Missed revenue opportunities, unhappy customers – both scenarios are highly damaging to retailers in today’s digital er

Pervasive Customer Insights: A Key Retail Priority

8-Aug-2017 | Chong Mock Seng

Retailers are hard-pressed to differentiate themselves. Back when moving products profitably through channels was a viable growth strategy, operational efficiency was one of the key differentiating

Physical Stores Still Relevant Despite Rise in E-Commerce

10-May-2017 | Chong Mock Seng

Retail is evolving quickly and there are many predictions about the store of the future. Some suggest the death of the brick-and-mortar model; others talk about a world where there is no checkout, no

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The Digital Future Of Retail

15-Mar-2017 | Chong Mock Seng

Technology is rewriting the face of retail. Digital influence – the degree to which in-store sales are influenced by digital in the shopping journey – is growing at an intensifying pace. By 202