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Chet Harter

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Chet Harter is a member of SAP's Digital Innovation team. For over 15 years, he has helped many SAP automotive and manufacturing clients apply new technologies to address current business issues and opportunities. Prior to SAP, he spent 12 years in various positions in materials and production management for large tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry. He can reached at

Digital Twin In Manufacturing: It’s Time To Challenge Conventional Wisdom

30-Jul-2018 | Chet Harter

Given current advancements in computer technology, perhaps the time has come to once again reflect, evaluate, and challenge our conventional paradigms regarding “best practices” in the manufacturi

How The Digital Age Is Driving Auto Industry Transformation

20-Jun-2016 | Chet Harter

Few companies are more dependent on technological sophistication than those in the automobile industry. As fast as digital technology is developing, savvy consumers still want more. But consumer deman

How Digital Transformation Is Enriching The Automotive Value Chain

9-Jun-2016 | Chet Harter

Evolving technology melds the individual digital pillars of business into a lattice. What was isolation is now spanned by hyperconnectivity. Big Data changes the business pillars, resulting in a co

Digital Transformation: Technology, Vision, And Data

26-Apr-2016 | Chet Harter

It is inspiring to consider how we made it from the Model A to today’s smart cars. Would Henry Ford ever have envisioned the transportation industry we have today? It is not that we have made a s

Bringing Order To Chaos On The Manufacturing Floor

18-Aug-2015 | Chet Harter

A typical day in manufacturing starts out with a material requirements planning (MRP) process that usually runs for hours overnight – and all is good in that moment. But then there are changes that