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About Chetan Reddy

Chetan Reddy is a Duke sophomore studying Economics. He was a corporate marketing strategy intern during the Summer 2015.

Will You Hire Your Next Employee On Amazon?

6-Aug-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Amazon — it's the place where we spend way too much money. But now it’s also becoming a place to find your new workforce: introducing Amazon Mechanical Turk. This new pilot program is at its co

Airbnb: Making Your Home Work For You

30-Jul-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Have an extra couch sitting in a spare room in your house? Thinking of throwing it out? DON’T! It could earn you some unexpected newfound money. Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francis

Reverse Mentoring: 3 Simple Steps That Will Transform Your Mentoring Program

24-Jul-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Who was your first mentor? This shouldn’t be a hard question. For most of us, it’s our parents. Did they impart wisdom and life experiences, guiding you through those awkward years of adolescen

These 5 Tips Will Simplify Your Workplace

13-Jul-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Everyone talks the talk. It’s easy. It’s safe. But sooner or later, you need to take the first step toward simplification. This is when only a few people will start to walk the walk. Yes, simpl

Digital Economy: Get Up To Speed

7-Jul-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Most people now agree that “the developed world is changing from an industrial economy based on steel, automobiles, and roads to a new economy built on silicon, computers, and networks,” as John H

Remembering The Middle Child: Your Employees

7-Jul-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Congratulations! You now know that simplification is the key to optimizing your business. You’ve analyzed your spiderweb of organizational charts and want change. Are you ready for the next step?

The Key Three: Sound Like A Future Of Work Pro In 10 Minutes

2-Jul-2015 | Chetan Reddy

This weekly post encapsulates the most intriguing and relevant Future of Work content in an easy, digestible, and fun format that makes you sound like a pro in 10 minutes! 7 Ways World Of Warcraft

Is This Why Your Teenager Will Leave You Jobless?

29-Jun-2015 | Chetan Reddy

This is the first post in a FoW series on Jobs That Did Not Exist 10 Years Ago. Today’s feature highlights the explosion of money-making opportunities on the social media site Instagram. Your soc

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons: A Simple Solution For Overcoming Complexity

29-Jun-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Does your company have organizational charts with a whole web of different lines pointing to various team members and managers – a web that would make a spider jealous? If so, simplification is for

Is This Why Uber Can Hire Anyone It Wants?

10-Jun-2015 | Chetan Reddy

Autonomous self-driving cars. Uber. $40 billion USD valuation. It’s a marriage that needs to happen. Uber can get any top talent it wants. Having just finished another round of fund-raising an