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Chandran is a results-oriented executive with 17 years of experience in building and leading top-performing software development, product management, marketing and consulting teams. Proven ability to lead, innovate and deliver products & services both in Blue and Red Ocean markets.

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Chatbots: Redefining Customer Service For Growing Companies

12-Apr-2018 | Chandran Saravana

The workplace energy of a small to midsize technology business is unlike anything in a large enterprise. In the midst of a fast-paced, caffeine-fueled day, the freedom to make a difference at work is

Why Machine Learning And Other Emerging Technologies Aren’t Out Of Reach For SMBs

3-Oct-2017 | Chandran Saravana

Part 3 of “Analytics Connection for Small and Midsize Businesses” series The endless parade of emerging technology is gaining the attention of large enterprises and digital startups alike. The

In Machine Learning, Failure Is A Good Thing

22-Aug-2017 | Chandran Saravana

In the accelerating pace of business, companies are striving to be data-driven. To be a data-driven enterprise means to relentlessly measure, monitor, predict, and act on the pulse of the business in


Blockchain And Machine Learning

22-Feb-2017 | Chandran Saravana

A business network is far more than the business itself; it’s a collection of many connected things—customers, suppliers, partners, and more. The transferring of assets to build value for business

artificial intelligence, machine learning, empathy

Empathy, Facial Recognition, And Machine Learning

10-Feb-2017 | Chandran Saravana

SAP CEO Bill McDermott says, “Everything has to start with empathy for the end user.” So, more precisely, what is empathy? It is “The quality of feeling and understanding another person’s situ

Next-Generation Machine Learning Ushers In Innovations

2-Nov-2016 | Chandran Saravana

In recent years, there has been a big leap in machine learning due to the capabilities of graphic processing units (GPUs) evolving at lightning speed. Even though machine learning is never going to be

Customer Analytics – Predictive At The Center Of Everything You Do

14-Apr-2016 | Chandran Saravana

As we discussed earlier, digital transformation is about taking a holistic approach to transforming the customer experience in all aspects. In this way, you fundamentally create new business models wh

Analytics And Personalized Medicine – Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

14-Mar-2016 | Chandran Saravana

Healthcare costs in the United States make up 18% of GDP – that’s $2.3 trillion a year. And yet 34% of what is spent on healthcare is wasted because of information/Big Data overload and complexity

How To Manage The Data Explosion And Benefit Your Customer

2-Jun-2015 | Chandran Saravana

Today we are digitally connected, socially networked, and better informed. Customers live “in the moment,” interacting with friends and sharing their views with hundreds of thousands of fellow cus