Chakravarti Desikan

Chakravarti Desikan

About Chakravarti Desikan

Desi has over 25 years of Business Transformation consulting experience for large global multi-national companies leveraging SAP and other IT solutions. Desi has been deploying advanced leading edge concepts including lean principles and digitalization enabling innovation through the manufacturing supply chain in industries like A&D, Automotive and other manufacturing industries. As part of advisory activities for large programs, Desi has developed focused methodologies for establishing Digital Transformation Office and Continuous Improvement Frameworks.

How To Turn Innovation Into A Factory Of Business Outcomes

8-Aug-2018 | Chakravarti Desikan

Part 2 of the two-part series “Digital Innovation Factory ” Most IT organizations operate in two distinct modes: Applications and technology that support basic business operations Enab

When Digital Innovation Becomes A Factory Of Business Outcomes

6-Aug-2018 | Chakravarti Desikan

Part 1 of the two-part series “Digital Innovation Factory” It’s all too easy to fall into the hype of innovation. But unless it is adequately defined and controlled, innovation could be anyth