Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

About Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

Dr. Chakib Bouhdary is the Digital Transformation Officer at SAP. Chakib spearheads thought leadership for the SAP digital strategy and advises on the SAP business model, having led its transformation in 2010. He also engages with strategic customers and prospects on digital strategy and chairs Executive Digital Exchange (EDX), which is a global community of digital innovation leaders. Follow Chakib on LinkedIn and Twitter

Comparing Two Approaches To Digital Transformation

1-May-2018 | Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

A successful digital transformation requires the right approach—and the right leadership to drive it. What's right for your company depends on your organizational maturity and the goal of your digit

CEO Priorities And Challenges In The Digital World

16-Apr-2018 | Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

Digital transformation is here, and it is moving fast. Companies are starting to realize the enormous power of digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT) and bloc

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The Next Wave Of Digital Leaders In Greater China

27-Jul-2017 | Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

It may sound simple, but when a small group of leaders comes together to share in a frictionless environment across industries, innovation is accelerated. Recently I was in Shanghai and Hong Kong to

How Leaders Can Stay the Digital Course in a World of Surprises

6-Sep-2016 | Dr. Chakib Bouhdary

The outcome of the Brexit referendum in June took  the world by surprise. Many financial markets, political leaders, and CEOs are uncertain about  what lies ahead. What is certain, however, is th