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Celia Brown is the Senior Director of Content Strategy & Marketing at SAP. Her specialties include lead generation, CRM, demand generation, social media marketing, and marketing communications.

Will Komatsu And IoT Resolve Japan’s Labor Shortage?

1-Nov-2017 | Celia Brown

Japan’s construction companies are facing a major labor shortage that has caused them to turn to technology – artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things – to incre

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Karma Automotive Reengineers The Customer Experience To Be Almost As Luxurious As The Revero

28-Sep-2017 | Celia Brown

The automotive industry is ripe for disruption and Karma Automotive is at the forefront of the movement. It is capitalizing on a combination of innovative technology, sustainability practices, and con

Leveraging The Extended Supply Chain To Counter Digital Disruption

18-Apr-2016 | Celia Brown

IDC anticipates massive digital transformation in a newly emerged digital economy. Gartner predicts this widespread digitalization will revolutionize the supply chain. Forrester forecasts these forces

7 Reasons Why Supply Chains Are Sexy

4-Feb-2016 | Celia Brown

Let’s face it: Supply chains have a reputation for being boring, complicated, and entirely un-sexy. But with the advent of the digital economy, and as businesses enable the extended supply chain as

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For The Next #DRESSGATE?

25-Jan-2016 | Celia Brown

Just short of one year ago, a dress broke the Internet. A seemingly unremarkable photo of the dress, along with a question about color perspective, was posted to a Tumblr account and went unexpecte

No More “Used Car Salesman” Jokes? Welcome To The New World Of Used Car Sales

18-Aug-2015 | Celia Brown

There’s an old joke that goes: “What’s the difference between a used car salesman and [insert any type of salesman, consultant, agent or other professional ‘persuader.’]?  Answer: The used

5 Brands Cashing In On The ‘Try Before You Buy’ Effect

18-May-2015 | Celia Brown

I visited Starbucks this morning, as I do often, and prepared to order my usual skinny mocha latte. Today, though, my purchase decision was disrupted by a barista passing out free samples of their new

Is Your Marketing Style Compatible With Your Customers?

28-Apr-2015 | Celia Brown

I had always thought that every person had their own leadership style -- some are micromanagers, for example, while others are passionate about consensus building and coaching. But I recently attende

Privacy For Personalization: Is It A Fair Trade-Off?

18-Mar-2015 | Celia Brown

When it comes to privacy, consumers today are somewhat hypocritical. On one hand, we balk at companies like Facebook for a perceived “loss” of privacy, but on the other hand, we complain when we a

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Weather Content: The Perfect Storm For Marketers

13-Mar-2015 | Celia Brown

My father was never much of a sports fan. While most other Dads were glued to ESPN, he was more interested in the weather- growing up listening to the forecasts on the radio and then  watching The We