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Cedrik Kern

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Cedrik Kern is Solution Owner of Digital Farming at SAP. He drives the development of the SAP platform for digital farming as a key innovation for agribusiness. Cedrik is part of the SAP solution management team for Agribusiness and Commodity Management. This team is responsible for defining our global strategy for agribusiness and commodity management. As an expert for agribusiness and commodity markets, he influences the SAP solution portfolio and has architected co-innovation solutions with global leaders in the commodity trading and consumer products industry. He is a regular speaker at events and conferences presenting SAP’s solution portfolio and innovations for this space.

How Will Digitization Effectively Transform Agriculture?

7-Dec-2017 | Cedrik Kern

"If you eat, you're in agriculture." That old adage is more true today than ever before. It's expected that by 2050 our world population will approach 10 billion. That's double what it was only thi

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What Tech Can Empower Today’s Agribusiness? A Connected Fleet

13-Nov-2017 | Cedrik Kern

Today's agribusiness operations are growing, and modern farms are much larger than farms were a decade ago. With that growth comes an increase in the number of tractors and other movable assets that a

Digital Farmer Harvests Better Results With More Data

11-Oct-2016 | Cedrik Kern

Today’s modern farmer is just as likely to be on a smartphone as on a tractor. While overalls and long days remain a regular part of most farming operations, the field is changing. Today, the dig

Sweetcorn harvesting with tractor and trailer.

How Is Big Data Enabling Outcome-Based Services In Farming?

22-Sep-2016 | Cedrik Kern

One thing that farmers around the world have known through the ages is that efficiency is the heart of any farm enterprise. Running a tight ship is what makes the difference between a failing and a t